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Congratulations to our New Doctors!

The Moran Lab celebrates its first Doctorates! A big congratulations to Dr. David A. Price (PhD) and Dr. Tayler D. Hill (PhD). Both Tayler and David defended their dissertations in front of their committees (in person and via Zoom) on Thursday June 18th, 2020. Each of their presentations were outstanding!

The title of David's thesis is: Using Infrared Spectroscopy to Uncover Structure in Biomolecular Assemblies Related to Disease: Applications to Nucleic Acid and Peptide Oligomers and Aggregates.

The title of Tayler's thesis is: Enzyme Active Site Dynamics and Substrate Orientation Probed via Strong Anharmonic Coupling in an Azryl-Azide Vibrational Label using 2D IR Spectroscopy.

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